Dover Cruise Terminals

A Passengers Guide To Using Dover Cruise Terminals

The Dover Cruise terminals are around 75 miles (120 kms) from Central London. It is one of three ports utilized by journey ships going to the London territory. The others are Southampton and Harwich, both a comparative separation from London than Dover.


The fundamental capacity of Dover is as a ship port associating the UK and France and it is this exchange commands the port. Outside the late spring months visits by journey boats are uncommon.

The three journey terminals are at the Western docks, the ship port at the Eastern Docks. The town of Dover is in the middle.

The busiest terminal that has a tendency to be utilized by the bigger journey boats is Terminal 2.

The voyage logbook in Dover ordinarily begins from the time of April until late September/October.

Voyage Terminal 1 is set in the previous Marine Railway Station. As a recorded building, a large portion of the first elements are still apparent and give a kind of a past period.

Disembarkation and Embarkation At Dover

Most journey boats touch base in Dover around 05:30 to 06:00. The lion’s share of voyage boats have helped disembarkation beginning around 07:00 with the last stragglers falling off around 09:00.

All journey ships leave that day they arrive, regularly in the vicinity of 16:00 and 18:00. Numerous travelers accept they can land significantly later than 09:00, this is not ordinarily the situation, despite the fact that Disney travels are a striking exemption to the run the show

Embarkation ordinarily closes for leaving travels around 15:00 to 16:00

Do check coordinate with your individual voyage, the above is exactly what occurs on the greater part of travels utilizing Dover. A portion of the biggest boats may postpone docking to fit around neighborhood conditions.

Dover Cruise Terminal 2

Dover Cruise Terminal 2

Marshaling is efficient and you won’t be annoyed by touts for lodgings and cabs.

Doormen will welcome your vehicle quickly on landing and take your gear of you, ensure they’re completely marked! While landing they will wheel the baggage to your vehicle or taxi rank.

The taxi positions outside every terminal are deliberate and very much managed. Lines happen, however you won’t need to hold up too long.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a journey line mentor exchange you will be escorted specifically to your holding up mentor, instantly outside the terminal.

On the off chance that you have pre booked a taxi or contract transport the driver will typically be outside the traditions/stuff lobby with your name on a board instantly on leaving into people in general territory.

Exchanges Between Cruise Terminals and London Busses and Trains

No bus transports are given between the journey and the prepare station or London transport stops at Dover. You in this way need to get a taxi between the voyage terminal and the prepare station/transport stop. The passage ought to be around £8.

Taxis at Dover arrive in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes, the picture tight is genuinely run of the mill. On the off chance that you have two cases for each individual and more than 2 individuals you may wind up with numerous taxis.

Its only a 5 minute drive between the voyage terminals at Dover to/from the railroad and transport stations and ship terminal.

The journey terminals are very far to stroll with gear from the prepare stations.

All admissions inside Dover ought to be on a meter.

For longer voyages outside Dover never jump into a taxi without concurring the cost beforehand.

Despite the fact that drivers may offer to acknowledge your Euro or Dollar cash it will more likely than not be at an, exceptionally poor conversion standard. Just do as such if all else fails.

The taxi rank at the voyage terminal is all around marshaled. Watchmen from the ship will ordinarily take your baggage to the extent the taxi rank promptly outside the front entryways of the journey terminal.

It is standard to leave a little tip with taxi drivers, (accepting they give a decent administration).

Strolling From/To Cruise Terminals

It is two or three kilometers or well over a mile between the rail and transport stations and the voyage terminals. With baggage we would prompt against strolling. The taxis truly are not costly and strolling through the port is not the best approach to end a journey.

Elective Transport To/From London To The Cruise Line Busses

In the event that you would prefer not to take the costly transport offered by the journey line, these are your alternatives:

London Cruise Shuttle Bus Q&A Forum

The least expensive alternative are the National Express booked transports. Full size 50 situate mentors with washrooms that leave from London’s Victoria Coach Stations. They don’t go to the voyage terminals, you will require a taxi between Dover Town or Dover Ferry Terminal and Dover journey terminals.

The speediest alternative are the Dover prepare administrations, speedier than a taxi. A few prepares a hour keep running along three separate courses between Dover’s Priory Station and around 5 noteworthy prepare stations in Central London. The speediest prepares by a wide margin keep running between London St Pancras and Dover. Like the National Express transports you will require a taxi between Dover Priory Train Station and Dover journey terminals.

The main way to entryway shared administration between your inn in London and the voyage terminal are the Dover Cruise Bus Shuttles. Transports get and drop at all the significant Central London inn areas and Heathrow airplane terminal and just go to the journey terminals at Dover. The administration just works on dates when a noteworthy voyage ship is in port. In the Dover to London bearing there is likewise a decision of guided visit moves notwithstanding the immediate transport.